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Bridges Out of Poverty (Fifth Edition): Strategies for Professionals and Communities

Bridges Out of Poverty (Fifth Edition): Strategies for Professionals and Communities

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Author(s): Ruby K. Payne, Philip E DeVol, and Terie Dreussi-Smith

Bridges Out of Poverty champions alliances of support and helps individuals and communities that are ready to break free of poverty. Rather than create reliance, Bridges communities create new understanding, skills, resources, and motivation.

As a result, Bridges is embraced by tens of thousands of people who represent hundreds of communities, six countries, and a diverse range of political, racial, economic, geographic, and other identities.

The fifth edition guides communities and professionals who work with people experiencing poverty. An innovative, yet practical, human- and community-centered solution, Bridges creates sustainable communities where everyone can live well.

“Today—more than ever—we need leaders who can unite the diverse parts of our communities. When people from diverse places and sectors come together, the result is not only synergistic but also symphonic. Bridges Out of Poverty is the key! It provides a lens for building win-win partnerships with business, education, government, healthcare, the social sector, and faith-based groups to transform the lives of individuals, organizations, and communities.”

–Mike Saccocio, Executive Director, City Mission, Schenectady, New York

“The Getting Ahead program in my Bridges Out of Poverty community gave me the awareness that there is more to life than meets my eyes, the hope to find and achieve it, and an alliance of support I never knew was possible. Getting Ahead helps you become an active member of your own life by encouraging you to share your gifts and talents with the community. We all have a seed of possibility that needs some care to help it emerge into its greatness.”

–Laura DeWitt, Getting Ahead Graduate, Omaha Bridges Out of Poverty, Omaha, Nebraska

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