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By: Gavin Grift

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, it’s imperative to confront the ingrained approaches that leaders adopt when dealing with complex challenges like never before. Working as both a teacher and leader is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling but can also be difficult to navigate. Middle leaders can create a positive work culture, foster a strong collaborative team spirit and nurture affirming collegial relationships, but they are also the first point of contact when challenges arise. Emerge addresses these challenges by assisting readers to let go of mental barriers associated with leadership and to gain self-knowledge about their ingrained dispositions, intrinsic motivations and habitual ways of responding. This knowledge enables readers to lead themselves, their colleagues and schools successfully.

Emerge is the perfect tool to help you clarify their mission for leading, determine why you lead, and ensure your values align with the choices you make as a leader. This compelling read will transform you into a more self-aware leader, and you will emerge from its pages with valuable and fresh perspectives that will propel you forward with renewed self-assurance.

ISBN: 9781760566098
No of Pages: 178
Publish Date: 05 May 2023

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