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Reading Power: Teaching students to think while they read (Revised & Expanded Edition)

Reading Power: Teaching students to think while they read (Revised & Expanded Edition)

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Author(s): Adrienne Gear

Reading Power promotes reading comprehension with a wealth of effective strategies that help students think as they read. Teachers will learn how to engage students and create powerful opportunities for a more interactive, thoughtful reading experience that improves comprehension.

Built around the strategies that proficient readers use – or “reading powers” - the book recognises that teachers are implementing strategies from many sources and offers simple applications that can be incorporated in any classroom.

The book is organised around five reading strategies or reading powers — Connect, Question, Visualise, Infer and Transform. Each chapter includes:

  • a song or chant to use in the classroom for each power;
  • suggestions for introducing each reading power;
  • sequential lessons that incorporate teacher modelling, guided practice, and independent reading;
  • ready-to-copy pages that support the sequential lessons;

The book uses authentic children's literature and includes ideas for modelling demonstrations, encouraging practice, and nurturing independent reading. Extensive lists of children's books, organised around grades and reading power, with suggestions for assembling classroom book collections, are an important part of this practical book.

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