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Tilt Your Teaching

Tilt Your Teaching

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Author(s): Glen Pearsall and Natasha Harris

Quick. How can you improve your classroom’s learning climate right now?

With the Seven Simple Shifts—a set of research-based, practice-proven techniques every teacher can use to gain students’ cooperation, engagement, and focus, and help them learn even more. Sometimes all it takes is an intentional pause, a purposeful glance, or a few well-timed words to keep a lesson on track.

The key is to be prepared to match the Shift to the moment. Chances are, you’ve already seen some of these techniques in action—probably even used them yourself. Now’s your chance to put them together in a way that works best for your grade level, subject, and teaching style. Tilting Your Teaching will show you how to get big results by managing your room just a little differently.

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